Unique Sharing (Shared spaces):

If your work trends require one individual efforts such as (graphic designing, studying, software programming ... etc.), Then Shared spaces will be the best option.


Work Lounge TM Provides a variety of Services that fulfill small and medium business entities requirements and various trends, on a regular basis these services will be enhanced and optimized to guarantee the maximum working and success experience you could ever have.

Ultimate Core (Private rooms):

For these kind of activities that require much larger involvement, more individuals, or clients treatments.

Rooms supported with 4 desks (can be optimized to reach maximum of 6), this category will provide the maximum experience, quietness and supportive environment.

Board Section (Meeting Room) and
Knowledge Hall (Lecturing Room) :

Optimizing your support and contribution to include training room equipped with comfortable / easy to customize 10 desks; which will build your training and lecturing reputation in the right direction.

With smart and simple desk designs, these units are customizable to shape a 4 to 15 person meeting table to represent your ideas and thoughts in the right manner and presentations to be displayed through a 42 inch LED/HD Display supported with HDMI and White board to guarantee improved and clear discussions.

Note: Meeting room is part of unique sharing and ultimate core package with specific numbers of hours/participants per month.