August , 2022
( SOUL GYM Sheraton Residence )!

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                                                                May 19th, 2018
                                                                 ( EL OZOOMH / العزومة )

Work Lounge TM announces the beginning of one of the most desired and beloved ideas of all time (The Family / The gathering/ the Return of wonderful era). EL-OZOOMH idea Created by one of the most enthusiastic subscribed members within Work Lounge TM  and under sponsorship of many famous entities like OCEAN pools, ITTI , BROCA, HALIM Consulting and Tibo designs. The Idea has been created to deliver a classical, elite and Epic oriental gathering experience.


Enjoy the nice food, Healthy atmosphere and El Sawy Culturewheel /ساقية الصاوي  Entertaining and civilization party.

For more information and reservation call: 01018003939








                                                         April 28th, 2018
                                                    (Glory Academy Launch session)

Work Lounge TM Honorably announce the Launch of "GLORY ACADEMY" for Training and Consulting in section 3 area ...Financial and Banking scope in a different and attractive ways.

Established by Mr. Mahmoud Hamed / Trade finance Team Leader who possess 10 years + of practical experience supported by CDCS and CITF with an Aim to support the finance and banking industry with more practical and in depth understanding of how both the service provider and the Client are mutually thinking when getting into daily or special transactions.

GLORY course/training session by the name of " Banking Treatments for Import and Export" is taking place today @ Work Lounge Coworking space (Lecture Hall) providing their  knowledge and ideas about Banking products supporting commercial contracting and Foreign trade (import and Export).

Know more about GLORY ACADEMY through our Official Channels. 

                                                             2nd Feb, 2018
                                                                (WE ARE AVAILABLE !)

Work Lounge TM will be officially starting on Saturday, the 10th of February 2018 with a promising trends and continues objective to success.

We won't stop, meaning that we are working on regular updates and enhancements every week & month until we become the leading Co-work spacing entity in the middle east and progressively in the whole world.