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With a great tendency from individuals around the world to establish their own private business and stepping forward into their ultimate dream and investments; with another side of the story to involve Mature companies looking for more locations and professional environment to enhance their productivity with maximum cost minimization and less maintenance and administrative headaches.


From these prospective Work Lounge TM came to the Egyptian Markets to support smart and effective Co-Workspaces where different efforts and bright ideas are born together to unite and serve individual and social proposes.

Your Joyful Workspace !

Working toward success and implementation of your own private thoughts are a joyful bliss, which we put into serving with all means and endless creative ideas.

Work Lounge TM Where Co-Working is a complete joyful experience; it's been established in January 2018 with a decisive vision to support junior and mature business entities, while still supporting independency and mutual internal cooperation; all this and more while maintaining the right price and quality services 

Creative Thinking
Attitude and 
Affordable Prices
Your World !

Whatever you are looking for to support your preferences:

Ultimate Core (Private hubs), Unique sharing (Sharing Community)

Board section (Meeting room) or Knowledge Hall (Lecturing rooms). 

Work Lounge TM will support your growing business with maximum contribution and commitment.

Come  Join NOW !
Our 1st Branch  in Cairo, Sheraton Heliopolis
Call Now: 002 01069 30 5666 
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